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Social Security Disability

Kansas City Social Security Disability Lawyers in Missouri Fighting to Enforce Your Disability Rights

Knowledgeable and experienced legal representation
At the McArdle Law Firm our practice is exclusively devoted to disability law, and we are dedicated to fighting to protect the rights of disabled persons. Prior to embarking on a legal career, firm principal James "Jake" McArdle practiced as a registered nurse in neuro-orthopedics and critical care. His nursing background coupled with his legal knowledge and experience allows him to apply his tremendous insight in representing persons seeking Social Security disability benefits. This helps him understand your medical records thoroughly. He presents your disability in a clear and comprehensible manner to enhance the likelihood that the Social Security Administration will approve your claim.

Zealous and compassionate representation

Mr. McArdle is both compassionate and zealous in representing disabled clients. A thorough review of your medical records educates him on your disability and empowers him to protect your rights and ensure that you receive appropriate payments. The McArdle Law Firm provides a full spectrum of legal services relating to Social Security disability benefits.

Navigating the Social Security Disability Claim Process

Two federal government programs are available to assist disabled persons:
  • Social Security disability insurance (SSDI)
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)


SSDI is funded by the payroll taxes you paid while working. To apply for SSD, you must have worked for a minimum period in the last 10 years or paid Social Security taxes for the required period. You must also be disabled according to Social Security's definition. You must not be able to perform your previous work. In some cases, the Social Security Administration also considers whether you can perform other work by performing a claim assessment to determine whether you are disabled. If you are denied SSDI, Mr. McArdle can aid you in appealing the decision.


SSI (Supplemental Security Income) is not funded from payroll taxes and, therefore, does not require a work record. To qualify for SSI you must be disabled and your family income or assets may not exceed a certain level. This program provides benefits to help low-income individuals who do not have a regular work history to pay for basic needs.

Contact a Kansas City Social Security disability attorney without delay

The area of Social Security disability law is a broad field with a significant impact on your quality of life. The assistance of a Social Security disability lawyer increases the likelihood of having your disability claim approved and improving your quality of life. The Social Security Administration denies a high percentage of disability claims at the initial filing. Your claim doesn't have to be one of them. Call the McArdle Law Firm today at 816-478-4844 to schedule a personal consultation or, if you prefer, contact us online.

How to Apply for SSD

Kansas City Social Security Disability Lawyers Helping You Navigate Through the Application Process

How to apply for Social Security disability in Missouri or Kansas
Applying for Social Security disability in Missouri or Kansas can be a long and complicated process. It can be much shorter and much easier if you have a qualified local Social Security disability lawyer to help you navigate the bureaucratic maze. When you are represented by experienced legal counsel, your claim is more likely to be processed and approved quickly. The McArdle Law Firm is devoted exclusively to representing disabled persons. Mr. McArdle stands ready to help you file a Social Security disability claim from beginning to end. If necessary, he pursues an appeal on your behalf to make sure you receive the benefit to which you are entitled.

How to apply for Social Security disability in Missouri or Kansas

You can apply for Social Security Disability by visiting your local Social Security district office. You need to call first to schedule an appointment (800-772-1213). You may also apply via the Internet through the website of the questions. It generally takes between three and five months for the Social Security Administration to reach a decision on your application. One factor that can shorten your processing time is how soon the reviewer receives medical evidence regarding your disability from your physician or other health providers. You can hire a Kansas City lawyer to help with your filing at any time you wish. You only have to pay the lawyer's fee if you receive disability benefits. Any other fees, such as charges for copying or postage, are separate from a lawyer's fee and you must pay these. The Social Security Administration puts restrictions on how much a lawyer can charge you.

Social Security disability legal services

Among the many benefits you receive when we represent you are the following: 
  • Ensuring your application is properly filed. Our extensive experience in representing disabled persons means that we are well versed in the process of applying for Social Security disability benefits. We make sure you have included all the necessary information for processing your claim to prevent the Social Security Administration from returning your application for missing details. 
  • Securing and reviewing medical records. We help you obtain the medical records you need for your application. We also review these records and check that they sufficiently support your disability. If we believe, based on our insight and experience, that Social Security may require additional information, we help you obtain this information from your medical providers. This increases the likelihood that Social Security will agree you qualify for disability benefits.
Contact a Kansas City Social Security disability lawyer
If you are not sure how, where or when to file a claim for Social Security disability, you need an experienced and qualified Social Security disability lawyer to help you. Contact the McArdle Law Firm today at 816-478-4844 to consult with a local Social Security disability attorney. If you prefer, you can contact us online.

Kansas City Law Firm Assessing Your Missouri Social Security Claims

Assessing Your Claim

Knowing whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits is complicated and involves many considerations. With its extensive knowledge and experience in Social Security disability, the McArdle Law Firm helps you evaluate your claim and advises you on whether you qualify. The evaluation is based on both the law and the specific facts in your case. An important part of the evaluation is the review of your medical records to confirm that they support your disability claim. It may not be enough for your doctor to say you are disabled -- Social Security has its own standard for what it considers a disability. Mr. McArdle practiced more than 10 years as a registered nurse in neuro-orthopedics and critical care. His nursing background enables him to understand your medical records and to assess whether you meet the Social Security requirement. Additionally, Mr. McArdle has concentrated his legal practice exclusively in disability for over 20 years.

Factors considered in assessing Missouri Social Security claims

The Social Security Administration considers the following factors in assessing whether you are disabled and eligible for benefits:
  • Employment status. To meet the definition of "disabled," you cannot be working or earning more than a specified minimum because of a medical limitation.
  • Severity of your condition. Your condition must be severe enough to prevent you from performing basic work activities.
  • Ability to perform prior work. Your condition must prevent you from doing the work you did before the condition existed.
  • Ability to perform other work. If you cannot perform other work, then you are considered disabled.

Experienced legal representation

Among the many benefits you receive when we represent you are the following:
  • Securing and reviewing medical records thoroughly. Mr. McArdle, an Independence Social Security Disability lawyer with a medical background and legal knowledge and experience, reviews your medical records thoroughly. He requests additional records if he believes you need more support to show you are disabled.
  • Zealous and knowledgeable legal representation at every stage of the application process. We provide you with zealous and knowledgeable legal representation at every stage of the application process, from filing to appeal, to prove that you meet Social Security's definition of being disabled.

Contact a Kansas City Social Security disability lawyer

If you want to know whether you qualify for Social Security disability benefits, consult an experienced Social Security disability lawyer without delay. To schedule an appointment, call the McArdle Law Firm today at 816-478-4844 or contact us online.

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